Day Mom

We all have a Mom, Mother, Mum & Mama.  No matter what we called her, we have that one or maybe more,  memory of her.  Some are stories, some are her favorite thing, and then there are those things she did that made her your Mom.Picture1.29 081This is my Mom.  She was a young farm girl from Illinois, who met this Philly guy in the 40’s.  It took one dance for him to keep their hands folded together for ever.  They were married Sept. 18, 1948.  But, not before she finished her nursing school.Picture1.29 1081Mom, the one you call when you need an ear to listen for good news or bad.  That phone line went away on April 6, 2005.  I now say..Ring Ring Heaven..I need to talk to my Mom.Picture1.29 079She always loved her garden.  So, we decided to make one for her.  We left the flower vase empty for those who called her a friend, a spot to leave something today.Picture1.29 067She love the beach.  When she needed a breath of fresh air, she would take off to the beach.  The sand was her friend, the salt air wrapped her like a blanket of love.  She was always so glad that her & my Dad decided to pack everything they owned into their car in 1954, and set off to California for a life without snow.Picture1.29 1103My Mom loved to set a table.  She had many different dishes and loved to have a party every New Year’s Eve.Picture1.29 1499She loved her coffee.  So many pretty tea cups set in her china cabinet, not just to display but, to use daily.Picture1.29 1085She loved her rose bushes.  Every time I see a rose I think of my Mom.Picture1.29 654When I saw this sink in Vegas, I said, Oh Wow my Mom would have loved this.Picture1.29 904We never want to say good bye.  When they are gone we think of all their little saying’s, the things that made them who they truly where to us.  Two years ago when I saw people pouring ice water over there head’s, I thought of my Mom laughing in heaven.  Those crazy people screaming..”It’s cold”.  My Mom died from that cold disease.  ALS, it’s not just a man’s problem, women get it too.  

Today, I thought of her & smiled. Tear’s come & go.  But, they also flow for my Dad too.  I know in my heart that those two young kids are still holding hands & dancing together to the best music they have in their heart for each other.

Memories are such a great things to hold in our hearts. My heart is big today with all of these great memories of my Mom.

I hope this brings back a fun memory of your Mom today.


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