Day 7…MYRA Ave.

Yes, I have a Ave. named after me.  I found it many years ago.  I would drive down this long street to see if there was a house for sale.  I have always dreamed about living on this street.  Then maybe my neighbor’s would remember my name!

This street is so long it goes into another town.  I must say that people who live on this street have nice yards.  They put odd things in their tree’s or maybe this tree once was a play house.  They do have some beautiful blooming trees that make a corner house look so pretty.  This street has two schools, a park and many people who have boats.  It goes through a track of houses that are all girl names, then another track that starts with ST.  At one time I found a house to rent.  Rent on this street is $2200-2500 a month.  They are 3 or 4 bed room homes with a garage.  Oh some day I will live on this street…dream big Myra!

The town of Cypress is big.  I found the Senior Center..haha.  Tomorrow night, I’m  going to their Bunco Night.  It’s a game played with three dice.  It is a rather easy game to play.  I guess they keep track of your points and maybe win a prize.  It cost $10 to attend, I guess you get snacks or something.  It’s called Spring Fling, I guess I need to dress for the event in something springish.  When I paid, I asked if I needed to be a Senior and she said, they won’t card you…Oh gee thanks.

I hope you enjoyed a small part of the town of Cypress, Ca.


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