Day 8…Bird day

Happy Friday.  I have a few friends who, draw a bird the 8th of every month.  Since I am not the one who draws to well.  I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler to be honest!  I decided to color in this fancy bird.  

I found these post cards that you color in and find your inner peace, or that’s what they say at least.  Give me some color pencils and I’m a happy girl for hours!  All those tiny spots to find the perfect color was happiness.  I’m not to crazy about the purple back ground.  I’m thinking about using the eraser and trying again.

I have to say I am getting better with those flowers.  As you can see, I didn’t pass my art class during my younger years.  It’s funny how my kids can draw amazing works of art.  They sure didn’t learn it from me.

My friend Jodi drew a beautiful flamingo today.  That’s my favorite bird.  Those long leg’s with that stunning long neck give’s their beautiful pink feathers a fashionable flare of grace.  I once had a shower curtain with flamingo’s on it, nobody liked it like I did. You either like birds or you don’t, I just happen to like the pink one.

I hope you find time to doodle a bird today.


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