Day 9..What song can you sing word for word?

Today or just any day I can start singing a Michael Jackson song word for word.  I was so mad that he died the day before my birthday.  But, for a whole week I got to sing his songs all day long.  Almost every radio station here in Los Angeles played song after song of his to say good bye.  It was a sad day but, the music was turned up on my radio.Picture1.29 2869James Bay is my new go to CD.  Love this whole CD.  I can’t say enough about how I love his music.Picture1.29 2875Then there are a few others that get put into my world from my kids.  We have a mix in my world.Picture1.29 2871Let’s talk about my all time favorite ROD STEWART.rod

When one of his songs start, I know it’s him with the first few notes.   My favorite song is…

Have I told you lately that I love you.  Have I told you there’s no one else above you.  Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles  that’s what you do.

Then there are those songs that childhood helps you learn.

Happy birthday to you.  You live in a zoo.  You look like a monkey.  And you smell like one too!

Flintstones, met the Flintstones!

Then there are those musicals that we can’t stop singing..It’s a hard knock life for us..

Music is something I think we all can relate too.  No matter if it’s playing in your car or just background music, we find ourselves humming along.  There are some songs that we just have to break out with that voice we think is worth using or we find ourselves moving and grooving.

We all have that song that reminds us of a “secret we will keep” for ever but, with a smile as big as fire works!  Caught you smiling!

I love it when someone say’s, “Now you got me singing that song!”.

What song are you sing? 

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