Day 10..Make something from You Tube

This sounded so easy when I picked it.  But, then it turned out to be a finger fight.  This are baby sock roses.  The tricky part of this whole project is wrapping up these socks on a stick.  I really want them to look like a vase of flowers until you take a closer look and realize there are some socks in there.

I had fun making these.  A lot of practice and I really think I could pull this one off. The steps are simple.  You roll up the sock, wrap a clear rubber band around it, then put on the leaves and what ever else you want, then wrap green tape to the bottom of the stick.  I’m going to make a few more to fill in the vase and call it a gift.

The girl that I’m giving them to, isn’t one for thinking something like this is cute.  I also saw how to make a flower with a diaper.  They are big when you use a diaper.  I could also use a wash cloth or a bib.  Don’t want to go to crazy for someone who takes everything back.  She can’t take these back.

What have you made lately from You Tube?


6 thoughts on “Day 10..Make something from You Tube

  1. I love the idea that the recipient can’t take them back. I have some recipients like that in my life as well…the returners, the regifters, the sell-it-on-eBayers…tsk. They don’t get much from me, but perhaps I should get more creative about giving, heh.


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