Day 11..Something I bought but didn’t use

Somehow I think we all can relate to this.  You know those things that we think we need or is a want?  We have that draw full of stuff.  So, I pulled out a few of my things that I have been hiding from myself.  Maybe now that I put it out there, I will use them.Picture1.29 2899Postage Stamps!  I love them.  I go to the post office to see what new one’s they have.  I know it make’s the postal workers roll their eyes but, I really don’t care.  I thought these were so pretty.  I used one and decided that only special envelopes needed them I guess. So here they sit all pretty.  I should use these this week.  That would be 11 friends getting a card from me.Picture1.29 2894Face products.  These I saw in a magazine and thought, I wonder if it would work on me. I guess after finding them, the hunt was over and here they are unopen.  Will those wrinkles really get repair?  Rapid!  Somehow that word never seems to happen in my life.Picture1.29 2895Veggetti.  I not only have one, no I had to buy two because for $5 more you get two.  I can’t tell you how many times I have bought vegetables to use this thing and then end up not using it.  I wonder how it really works?  I guess it works better out of the package.Picture1.29 2902Let’s decorate a cup cake.  That was the whole reason to buy this.  Well, it has been in the same drawer since I bought it.  I really need to do this.Picture1.29 2896Cross Stitch. Yes, I have made some really pretty gifts doing this.  I don’t remember buying this but it does look like something I must have bought for under $2.  Someone I follow will have a good giggle over this one.Picture1.29 2897I did open it.  It looks easy enough.  Let’s put on those reading glasses and set a few minutes every day to work on this….ready….set…go!Picture1.29 2900Let’s be honest, we all have that stuff.  I finally brought it out and put it on the table.  I should set a goal to use it or lose it. 

I can honestly say, if it wasn’t on my list to show, I would have never admitted to this dark side of me.  It’s just one of those secrets.  I guess when you blog, truths come out.  There are a few people I follow who have really helped me change.  Maybe sometimes my typed words don’t always come out like I want them too, like funny or I just wanna hug you.  But, I’m learning.  

Eleven days into April and I feel like I might just pull myself out of this month a happier person.

Tomorrow we are going to the park.  It might be rainy.

2 thoughts on “Day 11..Something I bought but didn’t use

  1. I honestly don’t have any unused unopened items hangin around my house, lol! I’m not much of a shopper. I get irritated buying what we need, let alone stuff we don’t need.
    I’d never seen that veggie spaghetti maker thing before.
    I used to have the Pampered Chef version of the piping tool — I loved it until it broke. Even parchment bags are sometimes too hard to squeeze, I don’t think I could go back to the plastic press. But, DO bake us some cupcakes and decorate them, and then mail them to us using modern art stamps! 🙂


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