Day 12..Cerritos Park

Let’s go take a walk in the park.  I have been going to this park for years. It has changed a lot over the years, for the better if any thing.  It is my go to park.  You can get a good walk in on a wonderful path.  You can walk the outside, or the inside where the water has ducks and benches.  Come see what I see.Picture1.29 2951Many years ago, I saw the lady who made this work of art putting it together.  She was someone nice to talk too.  I’m just happy to see it didn’t get damaged from a spray paint can.Picture1.29 2948I really didn’t know it had words on it.  I guess I just didn’t get that close.Picture1.29 2942It tell’s a story of Cerritos and the water.Picture1.29 2946It is really pretty.  I took more pictures but, there is more to see than her art.Picture1.29 2937This park also has a pool.  This “SWIM” looks like a sign but, it’s a bike rack.  Can you see the lock someone left.Picture1.29 2955This field is used for a lot of games. It has lights for night games.Picture1.29 2909There are three different play area’s .  It looks like I’m on a slant but, I’m really walking on the path.Picture1.29 2917This is the skate park.  Some days it’s full and smells like drugs.  To the right of it is tennis courts.  Picture1.29 2906This is the tree in front of the skate park.  It is full of skate shoes.  That usually means they sell drugs close by.  Not sure why the city hasn’t noticed this issue.Picture1.29 2905Here is a bathroom across from the pond.  They are all numbered.  They are clean so, that’s always nice.Picture1.29 2919Love this in the middle of the pond.  This is 7:30 p.m.  the most popular time to walk.Picture1.29 2913People feed the duck, fish, or put their toy boats in the water for fun.Picture1.29 2920There are two different places in this park with exercise equipment.  These ol’ guys hang out and have the best time daily.  The man with the dog is very friendly.Picture1.29 2956I have sat on this bench many times in my years of coming to this park.  A lot of thinking has been done at this spot.Picture1.29 2923These benches are for two people only.  They are right in front of prime parking.  In the early morning hours I have seen people play board games on these benches.Picture1.29 2933I hope you have enjoyed our walk.  We did a little over a mile.  I go around once and then around the water.  You can see the same people every day at the same time in this park.  There are a lot of dogs, people who jog, some roller blade, many different languages can be heard from just passing by and the best part is, it’s safe.

I find myself parking in the same spot, that way I know how far I have walked.  My kids will come park next to my car & wait for me.  My son Drew always tells me, you’re not hard to find you know. See, sometimes I forget to take my cell phone.  I guess I figure if I’m out, I’m not really needed that badly and anything can wait for an hour.

Funny how I don’t live in this town but, I spend a lot of my time in it!


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