Day 13..Things I love

How many things can you name in 10 seconds that you love?  I have to say I love this blog.  I have so many new friends here.  All of you inspire me to do something everyday.  I have a jar for money that I use to go buy things to make from all of what I have learned from you.  I have a few other things that I love, that I want to share.

My adventure starts with some fun journaling.  I love paper so, I must put my work of art in it.  Sometimes its unique!

Picture1.29 395Magazines are my favorite paper to pick up.  The quotes, art work, food, far away things and learning.Picture1.29 2258When I just need to go some where, I love to go watch the fish at the pet store.  I have my own fish but, to see so many in one place is fun for me.Picture1.29 2255I love to look at license plates.  People are so creative with leaving out vowels to make a plate happen.Picture1.29 2845I love mail!  I love to make a mess with my stamps, inks markers and create a card to send.  Pushing the envelope is a real blog that I follow by Jean.Picture1.29 060I love my lip stick.  A girl isn’t fully dressed without her lips!  Picture1.29 1112I love nail polish.  If I can’t decide what color to buy, I just buy them all.  One bad habit.Picture1.29 2277I love make up.  These didn’t sell to good so they discounted them and well, I scored.Picture1.29 923I love Starbucks cups, tea’s and now I’m starting to love the gift cards.  I know there are better things to spend money on but, my kitchen looks better with pretty cup.Picture1.29 399I love flamingos.  This cup is only used by me, so if I break it I can only blame myself.  I tried this coffee..let’s just say, I’m staying with tea.Picture1.29 2198I love to go to new fun places to feel the life.  The drinks here at Hiccups are tasty.Picture1.29 2248You all know I love my kids. I love their smiles of happiness.  I love their laughter and even when life get’s in the way, they still come together.  Oh those 55’s!Picture1.29 979I love my car. It has saved my life many times.  It has many stories, many secrets to keep.Picture1.29 920I love looking up to see clouds.  They just make me happy.  This is Santa Monica Beach, I’m standing on the pier. Picture1.29 072We all have many things we love.  I just touched on a few that make my world a better place.

Thanks for all your comments.  I still have 5 open days at the end of the month to do something.  If you have any ideas of something I can do, please let me know.  

Tomorrow we are going to the gas station.


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