Day 14..the gas station

Welcome to the corner of my world that not only feeds my car but, also feeds my need for a cup of hot chocolate or a slurpee.  Today gas is $2.55 per gallon, for the low grade.

I moved into this town before I could drive.  My parents bought a house close to this station.  I remember feeding the horses behind this station.  It has changed so much.  I love to just walk around this mini mart to find the most unusual things to snack on.  You can buy pickle flavor sun flower seeds. I love the many different drinks to choose from.  Many come in to have a flavored coffee and after buying 5 you get one free. You are given a card to keep track of you cups.

This is a very busy corner.  You can see from the picture above the cup.  Across the street is another gas station, next to it is the on-ramp to the 91 freeway that you can go onto the 5 freeway, within 7 miles you are in Disneyland.  These are the two most busiest freeways in the area.  Across from there is a Burger King.  Down the street is more fast food & another city with Knott’s Berry Farm.  Knott’s is another amusement park smaller than Disneyland, but, it also has a water park called Soak City.

I moved out of this town many years ago but, I still call it home.  Home, well, my Mom & Dad aren’t there any more.  My friends that I went to school with are also gone.  I guess it’s still home, I still go buy gas for my car in this town I call home.

Welcome to my home is what I say to someone who comes into my house for the first time.  So today I say…welcome to my old home town. Don’t get lost because if you go West about a mile the street names all change.  It’s not to confuse you, it’s because this town is on the county line.  That makes all the difference on what side of the road you are from.  If you go shopping in the next county, bring your own bags or they will charge you for a bag. They went “green”!


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