Day 15..Grocery store game

It’s Monopoly at the grocery store time again.  This game started the first week of February and ends first week of May.  The trick to getting more game pieces is to buy more food.  Or talk to an older good looking man in front of you in line and “he” will hand you all of his game pieces and say to you, “Good Luck”!


I don’t know about you but, I don’t seem to have any luck with these games.  The best part is to rip them open looking for pieces that will win you $1,000,000 or $500,000.  As of today, I need two more pieces to win the million, three pieces to win half a million.  With only three weeks left to get these pieces, my luck isn’t looking to good at being your next friend who can be called a millionaire.  The smallest prize on the list would be a $25 grocery gift card.  I still need one more piece for that.

I still have high hopes in winning something.  Even if it is a free movie at Redbox.  I don’t rent these movies but, if I won I could give this prize to someone who is standing in that line on a Friday night and give them a surprise.

Last year they gave out stamps to collect enough to get free knives.  I saved enough to get two amazing knives.  I have used both of them once.  They are so sharp, I’m a little worried about them.  I like my fingers.


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