Day 17..Reuse the books

Have you ever seen a big tall box to put your unwanted books into?  Usually these are for clothes to donate.  When I first saw this I thought, what a great idea.  But, where are they going?  

When I saw this yesterday, it had more books on top, along with a red bag.  Today I decided to go back and take a pictures.  Less books on top but, still lots inside.

To bad it’s not a tree library, that would be so fun.  At the library in the town where I grew up, they have a room full of used books for sale, for cheap.  To hold a book that was only read maybe once, for sale at a discount was a deal in my eyes. Now a big box in the parking lot of a strip mall…odd but, good.

Happy journey to the books that someone didn’t want any more.  Hope you find a loving home on a shelf with other great stories.


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