Day 19..Recycling machines

re Planet it is the place I go to take back my water bottles, tea bottles or anything recyclable. This machine is in the parking lot of the grocery store, towards the back.  During the day a guy is here, the middle is a door, and he will take your recycle if you don’t want to put it in one can at a time.Picture1.29 2999It is as easy as this.  One bottle at a time.Picture1.29 2995It tells you how many you have put in and gives you the amount that you are making.Picture1.29 2997When you have put the last bottle in, all you do is push the green button and out comes this piece of paper with your amount on it.  Then you take it into the store and the cashier gives you this money.  Easy money!Picture1.29 2998Today I met this lady, her name is Melissa.  I came up with my five bags, and said that I was going to take picture of this machine for my blog.  She thought that was fun and said I could take pictures of her doing this.  Wow, someone who wants to help me!  We started to talk about life, you know how us girls can start a conversation about anything.  She started telling me how she had her bike stole a few weeks ago, she’s staying with a friend for a few days and some other things about her life.  So, I was thinking about a bike I have covered in my back yard that I’m not using.  I said to her, if I get it working would you like it?  Yes she said.  She couldn’t understand why I would want to help her.  You see, I also have some secrets to keep.  When I can, I love to quietly do things for someone who can use the things that I’m really not using right now.

I’m so hoping that we can become friends and maybe with a little help I can get her out of a bad situation.  We all know I’m looking for a job and maybe with some help together we both will find a job.  

Recycling is fun. I have a jar that I put my money from recycling in.  It has helped me so many times.  Its a bank in a jar.  I hope you have one of these in your neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “Day 19..Recycling machines

    • Yes! It isn’t much but it all adds up. When you buy a bottle of water or a soda in a can there is a 5 cent charge for recycle, when you take it to a recycle machine you get that 5 cents back. A lot of homeless people go looking for recycle to get the money.
      Some people go to the trash cans behind a bar and get those bottles and make lots of money, for just digging in the trash.
      I remember a story about a girl who saved her recycle and paid for college.
      I use mine for craft stuff or things for fun!

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  1. We don’t have the same system in France, and we don’t get paid to recycle ^^
    We collect yellow plastic bin liners from our local town hall or PO, and we put all our plastic bottles, cans, and paper, cartons, cardboard boxes etc in those. The dustbin men then come round once a week and collect.
    For glass, there’s a huge bottle bank in the village . . . and there’s also a huge bin where we can take old clothes, bed linen & shoes.
    And France’s recycling efforts don’t stop there! Every supermarket also has special containers outside where we can drop off things like light bulbs, alkaline batteres, and empty printer cartridges.

    As a family, we also compost. We have a garden, so I always keep veggies peelings for the compost heap.


    • You really can recycle. I have a big blue trash can that I can put things into and the city picks it up every Tuesday. I only put things in it that I can’t make money from 🙂 A girl has got to have a money jar for her crafting.
      Thanks for sharing, I love to hear what my far away friends do that I don’t see in their pictures.
      I live in the city. No compost heap for me. My bedroom window is so close to the house next to me I can hear the man next door


  2. We don’t get paid to recycle either, but we have a bin at home we can put plastic and cardboard in and a glass box too. They’re collected every two weeks. It makes recycling really easy. I’m more impressed with your offer of the bike to the lady you met. That’s very thoughtful of you. I hope your friendship blossoms

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