Day 20…a bad day on 4/20

When there is an car accident fire trucks are called out to help.  Today was not a good day for two drivers.  Looks like someone missed stopping for a red light.  This is where a lot of accidents happen.  The sun hit’s you in the eyes as you are exiting the freeway.

Today is a day called 4/20.  Lots of drugs are smoked, injected, cooked on this day.  Some even hot box.  Some are also so stupid to get into a car and drive after having this issue in their life.  They don’t understand that driving while stoned can kill someone.  Fire fighters see this so often, even more on 4/20.

Traffic goes on even with a smashed car in the way.  We just go around it.  Some go slower to see the damage and others take pictures in hopes to stress the dangers of doing drugs.


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