Internet down

When I’m on a roll with my blog, the internet goes out.  Calling Time Warner cable is like…you know where I’m going with that.

Off to the library to keep up with my post.  I found the reason why the internet is down.  A wonderful white 360Z hit the phone pole and a light post.  Won’t be long and all the poles on this street will be replaced due to “street racer’s”.  Will they ever learn? 

2016-04-21 19.35.36 (1)This was a beautiful car.

This is where they tore down a house to rebuild it to, bigger and better.  Or because the old house once was home to a crime scene.  The story on the street was…a party with drugs and alcohol played a part in a lovers fight.  Which turned into her stabbing four people at this party.  She then run down my street, where she lives about ten houses away!

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Internet down

    • Yes, internet is back. It took hours. I heard the kid who lives behind me yelling that his Play Station wasn’t working. That is when I found my internet not working too. The houses are so close together I don’t need to speak to anyone I live by because, I can hear what they are saying…life in the city!

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