Day 22..Electric Vehicle Charging

I love to see these car’s get charged up.  Call me odd, that is fine.  This charging station is at the library.  Front row, prime parking!  The car in front of it, a “FIAT” is getting charged too. I would love to have one of these cars but, my wonderful KADP aka kids, say that I would forget to charge it.  I don’t think I would because I could get great parking.  See, I park at the farthest parking spot where ever I go.  Because I don’t want anyone hitting my car.  It’s a walk when I drive.Picture1.29 3016It looks so easy.  I have discovered that you need a special credit card to juice this car up.  The green sticker on the bumper is the green light to driving in car pool lines even if you are the only one in the car.Picture1.29 3019I love how the parking lot has the sign on the ground.  I wonder how much the ticket is for parking here when you don’t have a EV?Picture1.29 3018Just a little more info about me.  I really want an EV.  They are cool.

KADP are my kids.  Kevin, Alexis, Drew & Paige.  These are the four who know me best.  They roll their eyes at my wants, in a loving way of course.  The ones who laugh at me for all the things that I try to do when really I should just watch.  But the first ones to say, Oh no I’m not doing that.  I saw my Mom do it and I have learned a lesson there.

Do you have these charging station in you neighborhood?  Do you have one of these cute cars?  Have you seen the BMW EV?  Cute, odd cute.


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