Day 24…A day to read

I found this book on someone’s reading list.  I love the cover, I always pick up a book for the cover.  “Compulsively suspenseful.”_BOOKPAGE.  When book page talks with two words, it’s a must read.Picture1.29 3030I can honestly say, I’m not a big reader.  It takes me about a week to finish a book.  But, not today.  This is a 300 page book and I’m on page 277.  

I am following Joe Talbert’s, a college student that has to complete a writing assignment for his English class, with a deadline that is near.  His task is to interview a stranger and write a brief biography.  He finds a man named Carl who is in a nursing home waiting to die. With every word, this story has me on the edge of my comfy sofa.  He has uncovered a secret, my kind of book!

Allen Eskens is a criminal defense attorney gone writer.  There is a sneak preview of his next book called “The Guise of Another”.  

This is a great book.  I’m so glad I had the time and a comfy sofa today for this book.


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