Day 26…Junk Mail

Welcome to Tuesday’s in my mail box.  To some people these are the ad’s from the God’s.  This pile has a lot packed into a hand full of colorful pages with coupons for fast food, cars for sale, furniture stores and every grocery store in this neighborhood and beyond.Picture1.29 3054This is one of the first things I read..Have you seen Me?  As you can see Hassani Campbell has been missing Aug. 10,2009 from Oakland,Ca at the age of 5.  Today he is 12.  He shares the same birthday as my oldest daughter.  One can only hope he is still alive and maybe he will see this and notice that someone wants him back.Picture1.29 3055Grocery store ad.  We have many as you can see.  I usually shop at Albertson’s or Ralphs.Picture1.29 3069Now let’s talk Fast Food!  Burger King is now making grilled dogs.  One of my friends told me that they are pretty good.  I have not been there in a long time.Picture1.29 3066Can’t forget the KFC.  What a deal for $24.99Picture1.29 3061Don’t miss going to eat with Wendy.  I love the chocolate frosty, 99 cents of yum.Picture1.29 3059And then there is Del Taco.  Taco Tuesday’s & Thursday’s gotta love a good taco.Picture1.29 3064Then there is pizza with Papa John.  I not one to go here.  I don’t like the taste.  But you might.Picture1.29 3063Have you heard..Mc D has breakfast bowls?  Yes, I have heard but, I’m saving my stomach for something else.Picture1.29 3058You haven’t lived until you have had El Pollo Loco.   I order the same thing every time..Double Chicken Avocado Salad.  It’s 500 calories of perfect.Picture1.29 3060Then there are car’s for sale.  With this ad you don’t have to only read English. Picture1.29 3068Then there are the recipes in the grocery store ad’s.  Another reason to cook at home.Picture1.29 3067There you have it..a full run down of junk mail for a Tuesday in Southern California.

What comes in your mail box that is worth looking at and then into the trash it goes?

2 thoughts on “Day 26…Junk Mail

  1. Oh my god, several thousand trees must die every day just to create junk mail. I thought it was bad over here. You get loads!


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