Day 27..What are you doing today?

I have a really good friend who I have know since high school.  She call’s me or now text me every day.  She always ask’s the same question every time. “What are you doing today?”.  I always have something to do but, now that I’m not working, I have to be prepared to keep the conversation going.  I decided today was the day to start this project.  And when I got all the pieces put in the right order, I decided I would work on this for 30 minutes a day until it’s done.

That seems easy enough.  Well, I have discovered that my eye sight isn’t as good as it was the last time I pull off this kind of project.  I am not one to quit just because I need to keep my reading glasses on and look away to focus on something else every 20 minutes or so.

I don’t know if I started at the correct spot but, I do know that I am making the cross stitches in the correct order.  Bottom left to top right, bottom right across to top left..  I read and reread the amount of floss to use.  It has six stands and I am to only use two of them together.

I have a blogging buddy who post her progress once a month.  I might show mine a few times more just to keep myself going stronger.

Next month I am going to work on the job search every day.  So with that full time adventure I might need this to keep me unstressed.  Interviews are not my forte.  Could they just come look at my blog and see that I am someone who can read, write and complete a project on time.  I have read all the correct answer’s to the interview questions.  I don’t submit my resume to waste their time.  I felt I could do the job. Maybe that’s my honest.

This month is almost over.  What will we do in the month of May?


4 thoughts on “Day 27..What are you doing today?

    • I don’t think I will be super good at it but, it’s worth a try. My kids say I’m getting ready for the old folks home early. I should pull out that dvd and learn how to use my camera next. 🙂
      Those project, it’s pure happiness.


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