Day 28..IN-N-OUT Burger

Welcome to the best hamburgers & french fries in Southern California.  This is where you go to eat at any time of the day or just when you want the best all American food around. That’s what a hamburger is all about.Picture1.29 2193When you see the red palm trees you know where this food is from.  The wall’s inside of this amazing fast food building have this well known trade mark.  Picture1.29 2189The yellow arrow is the other famous signal where to go.  You can eat inside or out side with these round tables and red and white umbrella’s.Picture1.29 3088This is the menu from drive-thru, it’s the best way to go.  There is also an extra menu favorites.  Animal style fries or animal style burger, you get onions, cheese and spread on top.  If you want a little more burger there is also a 3 by 3 or a 4 by 4. That is the amount of burgers you get.Picture1.29 3087Looking past the dirt on my windshield you can see I sat in a line tonight.  I was 12th in line at 8:30pm.  Just one of those late night wants!Picture1.29 3082The people who make these amazing burgers wear white pants and shirts with a red apron.

They get paid more then fast food wages, I guess that is why you start working here when you are in high school and by the time you are out of college you have about 10 years working there.  Everyone who works at these stands are always very polite and friendly.


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