Day 29..Making cards

My friend Bonnie sent me this beautiful card.  She has a club called Shoe Box crafters.  They get together with their crafting supplies in a shoe box and together they make a card. I love this idea, great friends coming together to share what they have made in the past month.  I have so many shoe boxes full of stuff that I take to the park , mix it all together and within an hour or so I have cards made.  It’s my quiet time.Picture1.29 3095She also sent me the directions.  I was so excited.Picture1.29 3097This is what I came up with from her help.  I cheated with the letters.  I didn’t make them.Picture1.29 3091Here are those roses I made for that present.  It turned out better than I thought it would.  Surprised with my self.Picture1.29 3093This card I really cheated.  All from already made scrap booking supplies. It’s cute and I know it will be in the trash can within a week.  I thought about making her a album for cards and memories, I don’t know.Picture1.29 3092This was my one hour of making a card from my friend Bonnie’s helpful directions.



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