Day 30…Another dust collector or marathon helper?

I want to run a marathon.  Sounds crazy to my kids, but people over 50 do run.  I have watched many Los Angeles Marathon’s, my son ran it twice, as a teenager.  So, I know about the faces you see passing you and the family members cheering on all of these runner’s, as we sit on the streets of LA.Picture1.29 3109In the next city over, there is a store a little different then the big sporting goods store.  It is called “Play it again Sports”.  They sale your gently used sport equipment.  I found this Lateral Thigh Stepper.  You can see the price tag still on it.  Yes, my $20 going towards my exercise goals again.  This is really fun.  I wasn’t sure about it at first.  I really want to do step’s.  This feels like skating.  You go side to side.  It does give you that tingle in you trunk.

I haven’t decided if it’s easier to wear shoes or not.  I started off with just a few minutes every day.  Now I find myself jumping on to practice my balance. I’m starting to feel it working.  I have the television on, those food commercial’s make me walk a little faster. 

It won’t be a hanger for clothes like most exercise equipment ends up doing. It is used so, I really don’t know how many miles it has on it.  Oh yea, the counter for step’s is broken.  I know, I always find the broken stuff. It’s o.k. because I’m a little broken too.  So, together we will make a good team.

One can only hope to meet their goals at any age.  Los Angeles Marathon, I’m coming for you.

10 thoughts on “Day 30…Another dust collector or marathon helper?

  1. I’ve recently invested in a “cross trainer” so I totally support your $20 investment.
    Not that I’m planning on running a marathon – just want to tone up a little


  2. Looks like you’ve had your own little April project going on! I’m going to get a nice cuppa coffee tomorrow morning and do some reading. I need to catch up on YOUR life!


    • My life..haha..It has been a busy month for me. It all start on March 30 with my big idea. It was fun, it just didn’t get the response I was hoping for…that’s a secret I should have kept to myself.
      I had dinner with my daughter & we LOL about my findings about your note book. Then she said, what if you find out that she is famous? I looked at her and said, Even better! I love her work.
      Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your coffee.


  3. Dropping by from Idle Emma’s page because she mentioned you in a link. Good luck with the marathon goal. The machine you chose looks like one I use to use when I had a gym membership. The machine I used mimicked a skating motion which worked great for my hockey player husband. It was an excellent workout for anyone even if you weren’t playing hockey.


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