Color Throw Down a day late

You know how you find something fun to do and then there is a time to complete it?  I never think about PST or EST.  I live in California, we are late or hours off from every where else.  I should be use to this by now.

The colors for this challenge are…pink, light blue, orange & peach.

I had an idea in my silly little head to make the card from my friend Bonnie’s design, these color shouldn’t be to hard to put together.  I punched out some flowers.  Punching flowers is always fun,  I put the first one together and thought, that’s not enough light blue.  Punched out some blue flowers, now that’s cute.  Then I had another idea to use blue for the body of the card…well, I cant say I was loving it but it’s cute.

Then I went to see how to enter my card and that is when I realized..I’m late.  So, now I know to pay attention to the time zone.  I’m in my own time zone, I have known this about myself for many years.

So, what to do now?

Bring out the purple and make another card!

The lady who is the host for this week’s challenge I’m guessing is Amy.  Why do I say guessing? Since I don’t know time zones maybe I didn’t read host correctly either.  But, on her blog she shows all the cards she gets in her mail box for the month…well..she’s going to get one of these for the month of May.

Now, which one should I send to Emma?  So much for a surprise this month..sorry.

A fun card made with four color’s.




















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