It’s dessert time

It all started with a box of jello & some frozen strawberries, crushed up pretzels and that white stuff.  When you first see this you think of your Mother’s holiday dessert, or that’s what I thought.Picture1.29 3138It is something simple to make.  Smash up pretzels, add butter & sugar.  Then you bake this for 10 mins.  I realized that I shouldn’t have mixed up the next steps until this is cooled.Picture1.29 3135A few of my favorite things mixed together is the middle layer.  Just remember that the cool whip is easier to mix when not frozen, just a hint.Picture1.29 3136Jello with strawberries are my favorite.  When making this if you don’t read the bag, whole strawberries need to be sliced.  A few mistakes that I can say I did make with this dessert. I’m working on making some changes on my cooking abilities.Picture1.29 3134It’s amazing how good this looks with three layers of my favorite things.  The hardest part is to leave this in the refrig. to mold together. 

It’s ooh so good!  It’s really easy to make.  It just takes some time to bake the pretzels and let them cool and then onto the other two layers.   It really is worth it.Picture1.29 3139Then there is this…a sink full of dishes after making this amazing dessert!Picture1.29 3140Do you remember your Mother making this?  My kids will now!


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