Vintage Stampin’ Up

I love this stamp set, Bloomin’ Beautiful set of 5.  I found it at Good Well for $3.  Never used.  When I find great things like this I always wonder if it was a gift or did they put it in that hide all spot and forget about it.  Now they moved or died & it hit’s the thrift store. Today it’s all mine & I will make some cards with it.Picture1.29 3164Bring out the white paper & black ink….let’s do this.  Now look close at this.  Does the vase look sideways to you?  It has a tilt or maybe it’s my stamping.  We all know I have a really hard time with that shading stuff and it really shows here.  I was thinking about bringing out those alcohol inks & see if I can do something better.  Maybe I should just bring out the alcohol & then we can see my true color’s.Picture1.29 3162I just had to fussy cut it, pop it up on foam tape & make it the star of the show.  I’m still playing with that background paper that I love so much.Picture1.29 3166I think I like it.  A little peachy, with some light blue and gray.  Then some gold to give it a show.Picture1.29 3165

Some day I will refinish my crafting desk.  Somethings are at the very bottom of my “to do” list.  This week my car is going to get a new finish.  My wonderful neighbor hit the side of my car.  Who hit’s the whole side of a parked car?  One would think, once you are at the front of a bumper, you stop.  Not him.  He keeps on going.  Then he tells me, I didn’t think it was that bad, it was dark.  Drugs aren’t legal in California yet, wonder what he was on.

I’m thinking maybe these flowers should be purple. What do you think?


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