My reading spot is calling me

I found someone reading this in a book club.  So, noisy me had to get it too.  I hope it’s everything she said about it.  Funny how I’ve never been a big reader but now, I find these book clubs and reading has a whole different life.Picture1.29 3190I love this picture of the little girl and a dog.  I’m not a big one on the sorry word.  If you knew you would be telling someone sorry, then you shouldn’t have said it or done it in the first place.  I guess it’s that famous line, “Love means, never having to say your sorry”.

I’m off to get in my comfy chair and read…oh happiness.


2 thoughts on “My reading spot is calling me

    • Okay, I will. Now I will have to stay with it. I have found that after 50 pages, if I’m not into it I take it back to the library. Maybe I will give this one up to 100 pages. Last night my chair took over, i can tell you what the first page was about and that’s all. 🙂


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