Book Review

My daughter has had this book out for weeks called “Love Letters to the Dead”.  She said she was reading it for her English class.  Being a Mom, I didn’t want to ask to many questions, you know we ask to many.  When I saw some of my crafting supplies on the desk along with this master piece, I guess she did read the book. I thought it was interesting how she told the story of this book in this unique way.Picture1.29 3172This tells the story of two sisters.  I think I found a mistake but, I’m not sure, bottom left corner. If May died how did May tell?  Picture1.29 3176I wounder if this guy in the picture is one of her friends who she follows?Picture1.29 3179She did a really good job with my inks 🙂  You know those craft supplies that take up space.Picture1.29 3183She has one more week of school.  She has finally found college to be fun & has made a few friends this semester.  

College.  It’s better than high school but you still find yourself sitting next to people who should find something else to do, or just shut up and listen to the teacher, turn off your cell phone and wear clothes that cover up parts of your body that we all don’t need to see…just a few things I have heard from her in the last 14 weeks of semester number 2. 

I still love hearing about her day in school, it never get’s old.


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