30 days of salad with Jan

I found Jan’s blog (Jansplayground.wordpress)she is looking for others to have a salad with her for the next 30 days.  Her last salad will be on her birthday.  I started adding up the day’s till my birthday & noticed mine is just a few days later..June baby’s Yay!  This doesn’t seem to be to hard to do. She also said that it doesn’t always have to be a green salad either.  Why not, let’s try this.  Come along for a month of salad.Picture1.29 3210I have to say this is my go to salad of all times.  It comes in a bag, it’s a kit.  It’s so simply to put in a bowl and there you have it a salad!Picture1.29 3211It doesn’t get any easier that this. Pull out the scissor’s and a bowl and you got salad #1.Picture1.29 3213I made meat loaf with all kinds of stuff in it, as you can see.  It’s a meal for two at the table and one put in a bag for dinner at work.Picture1.29 3215I made this drink from my favorite store.  One bottle of water, one package of tea & some sweetener for a better taste and here is a fruity drink.  Now I can have my favorite drink at home and no tip needed.

Thanks Jan for something fun to do for the next 30 days.  

I hope you, my blogging friends, will stop by to see Jan’s blog and have a salad together with us.

Oh I almost forgot, she is also walking too.  I’m still walking my two miles and thinking about going on a different route.  The things you see in my hood are sketchy lately.  Lately is everyday here.

Happy eating!


5 thoughts on “30 days of salad with Jan

  1. Yummy! I love Asian salad. Yours looks a little different than the brand here in Michigan. I forget the name we have but it has slightly different ingredients in it. The brand I use doesn’t have any lettuce in it, it has napa cabbage, cilantro, and something else that I can’t remember right now, the dressing is the same, and ours has the wonton strips mixed with sliced almonds. I’m sure yours tastes yummy too.
    Thanks for doing the 30 days of salad with me. 🙂


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