Salad, Taco’s & a Smoothie

Are you ready for another salad? This is chunky with broccoli, red cabbage, carrots and something else..haha.  The dressing is tasty, along with the cranberries, sun flower seeds and some bacon.  It’s a good salad along with…taco’s!Picture1.29 3221Shocking but, I made taco’s tonight.  Some hamburger meat, a package of Taco Bell flavoring and their is a “White Girl” taco night. No left overs tonight.Picture1.29 3222Early today, lunch time, I made these smoothie’s.  I found this smoothie package next to the strawberries at the store and decided to try it.Picture1.29 3217I’ve gotta say it’s really tasty.  It makes a lot, 5 glasses to drink. I’m not a smoothie kind of girl but, I must say, I will make these again.Picture1.29 3219There you have it…another salad, a new drink to share and I cooked a meal for day 2 in this small kitchen.  

I’m really not a great cook but, I can use that stove to bake!  Only good thing about this house is that stove with an oven.  Well, I do enjoy that shower every day so maybe there are two good things about this place I call home.

Have you stopped by to see what salad Jan made?  I hope you do, she is fun.


One thought on “Salad, Taco’s & a Smoothie

  1. The salad, taco’s, and smoothie all look yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever tried that particular salad and I really like broccoli in my salad. I’ll have to look at that brand next time I’m in Wal-Mart. I don’t get to Wal-Mart very much because well… it’s Wal-Mart. Ours doesn’t have a very good produce section.

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