Artist Trading Card Jam

I play this crafting game called ATC Jam. The Jam is J=just A=add M=more.  Three people work on all three cards and when the third person is done, we all get one. This is how it comes to the second person, that is me this time.  These cards are 3 1/2″ X 2 1/2″, the first person put what ever they want on this card.  Then it is sent to person two.Picture1.29 3224I am person two.  Lynnda puts her address on the back & she also wrote what she put on the card.  I put my address on the second person. I have a P.O. Box, I love it! Now I need to figure out what to put on all three of these cards. Think, think, and get crafty!Picture1.29 3223I decided to put washi tape that looks like grass and some paw prints. I put them in an envelope and off they go to my next crafty friend.  It could be months before I see this again.  Some people do these the day they get them and then there are others that but them in a crafting box and forget them until that box gets open again.  Can you tell I’ve been that friend who, oops forgot them in a box…guilty!Picture1.29 3225I think this one is cute.  These are put into baseball card holders.  These plastic holders come three across and three down so, we cut these straight across to get them in a row.

If you are doing these with your friends or want to make some with me, let me know.  My crafty friend Lynnda sends me two or three of these at one time.  Sometimes, my friends write to me and let me know that they need a rest from this.  

The best part of these, they are small and fun.  I’ve also found new friends to exchange cards with.

Happy Stamping!



4 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Jam

  1. I’ve done ATC swaps but never a JAM as you describe. I don’t think I’d be any good at it as I tend to way over-do. You’d know what I’m talking about if you’ve looked at one of my ATC’s lol!

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    • Over-do is so much fun, I do it on ones that start out looking like junk art. Being the third person is easy, you put on a word, small flower, a gem or a butterfly and your done..LOL It’s funny I’ve never done a swap. If you want to do a jam let me know, I have a few I need to get out there, I open up a box and I found a few I forgot about..oops!


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