Biscoff Banana Bread

I love Biscoff cookies.  They have a taste of heaven.  I found this recipe that you put these cookies in, looks like a winner. Let’s bring out all the baking supplies and mix up some bread. Picture1.29 3234Out of the oven goodness.  Must remember that steam comes out for a while and a camera lens is there first!  Doesn’t this look like a great treat?  The more baking I do, the more I learn about things that just aren’t my favorite.  I think I have found out that banana’s aren’t top of my favorite list.  This would be the greatest bread if not for mashed banana’s.Picture1.29 3233Then as I’m using up food in my cupboard I found White Chocolate pudding.  That calls for some little tarts and here is another easy and yummy treat.Picture1.29 3236Not a bad Saturday for baking and making a mess in this oh so wonderful kitchen.

I need to make a salad today too.  The possibilities are endless with potatoes!


4 thoughts on “Biscoff Banana Bread

  1. Totally agree with you about the bananas. Baking does something really weird to them. They change taste, texture and seem to weigh about four times as much as they did before they went into the oven! Enjoy your potatoes!


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