American Mix of SKITTLES

I love SKITTLES. Put them on a plate and I think I’m an artist!  I can’t remember when this started for me but, my kids do it too!  With it being Memorial Day weekend here in the states, some think it’s Labor Day but, no that holiday comes at the start of September.  I know because my first child was born on Labor Day.  Memorial Day is the holiday where we celebrate the brave men and women for their service for keeping us safe.  I have a few black & white pictures of my Dad’s day in the Army.  That’s all the letters of my name..tricky Dad! Here I made a flag.  Funny how I have to tell you what it is. Picture1.29 3228With all of my doodling on paper, I always go for clouds and flowers.  I was so excited to make clouds with this bag of Skittles.  Gotta love a flower no matter the size or shape.Picture1.29 3231This bag doesn’t come with enough red ones but, I had a lot of fun making this and then eating them.  Great idea Skittles for this holiday.  This plate is from the 1970.  My Mothers first set, these plates hit the floor and it’s a mess for days.Picture1.29 3230The flavors are all fruity in this bag.  I’m going to go look for some more, they would be good to put on a cake.

Do you love these as much as I do?  It’s a bag of happiness.


4 thoughts on “American Mix of SKITTLES

  1. Yep, LOVE Skittles. Same colours would work for the UK, but we don’t have a national day over here, Unless the Queen has some kind of birthday or anniversary, then it all kicks off! Enjoy your sugary goodness!


    • You don’t have a day to celebrate the military? You have Skittles too?
      I always love to see what others pick up for their sugary happiness. At the food store do you have a shelf at the check out counter that has candy? I always look at it and tell myself, no no no and don’t do


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