Spinach & a Green Blend Salad

Putting together yet another salad from a bag with spinach, greens & that purple stuff.  This time I added some strawberries along with something new called pecan & cranberry twist.  Topped it off with a drizzle of Olive Oil vinaigrette.  Picture1.29 3255I must say this was tasty.  I loved the topping of nuts, it also had raisins in it, oh so yummy.

It’s funny how I have made a lot of different salads in my life time, without thinking about what I put into them.  With this 30 day salad challenge I have looked at the green’s in a whole different way. I also stood in front of the dressing’s to see what I can come up with in a different flavor. Roasted tomato is put in many different dressings I noticed. Have you ever tried dressing with roasted tomatoes in it?  Is it worth putting on a salad?

I’m still behind in this challenge by a few days but, I must say I have learned a few things with the mixing of greens!


4 thoughts on “Spinach & a Green Blend Salad

  1. I would never have thought to put strawberries with salad leaves, but I guess as black pepper works with them, a peppery-tasting leaf should too, right?


    • I thought the same thing when a friend & I were talking about different salads. Funny how we can talk about salads like we talk about baking. The things we can do with green leaves is endless, who knew!


  2. Roasted tomatoes, or roasted anything tastes AMAZING on any salad! Thanks for the reminder, I think I’ll pick up some extra veggies at the store this weekend and whip some up to throw onto my salads.


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