June 1st..let’s doodle

I love to doodle when I’m on the phone or playing with some new color pencils.  I found this blog where Johanna has invited anyone to come along and doodle.  So, here is the start of yet another thing to do with paper and that jar of amazing color’s!  Picture1.29 3272My friend Erica texted me when I was getting my paper and things together to start this journey.  I laughed with the thought of, it’s time to doodle and I get to talk to Erica at the same time….perfect timing.

Let’s just hope by the end of this month my doodling will start to look like something other than art work from a 5 year old.  I do find myself making the same things on my paper. Clouds are a must with flowers as a second choice.  I added my happy flower pots, along with my sandals.

I started this in a cheap note book.  I was thinking maybe this should be a journal on the left and the doodling on the right.  I start so many of these cheap note book that every time I open one up, I laugh at what I started and what I again didn’t finish.  I’m only going to do this for the month of June.

Trampoline is for tomorrow. The days with a trampoline in my back yard, oh how the neighbor’s loved it.


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