A birthday card & a JAM

I have a friend who sent me a card like this so, I had to copy it.  I don’t know what it is called other then, really cute. It lay’s flat but, when you open it up it’s like magic.Picture1.29 3258The Happy Birthday springs across this card like a surprise message.  Best part, it’s easy to make.Picture1.29 3259I kept it really simple. If you craft, you have probably had this paper stack.  I cut it up and made it pop.  I wrote happy birthday on the back.Picture1.29 3261Then, another JAM to do.  It already looks so pretty, I don’t want to mess it up.  Then I remembered my friend Emma sent me some fun things, so I used them.Picture1.29 3265I think it’s cute.  I’m not sure about how I stamped the “Celebrate you today”.  But, it’s ink so it’s done.Picture1.29 3268With a little help from my wonderful friend Emma, I finished another JAM. Now, who do I sent it off too?

I made potato salad but, the picture is a little blurry. I wasn’t drunk when I took it, I realized the lens had a finger print on it, the things that happen in this crazy life of mine. It was a tasty lunch.Picture1.29 3257.jpgJune looks like a month I might get a few things done.  Who am I fooling. lol


9 thoughts on “A birthday card & a JAM

  1. Very nice cards! That birthday one is so cool – I really need to try make some interestingly formatted cards like that!
    Also, I have a card made for you, I’ll try get it sent out early next week 🙂


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