Dollar bill game on 99.9 KOLA

I’m a big radio listener.  I love the games they play & the money they give away!  KLOA is on 99.9 fm here in Southern California. It’s a station that is in the distance for clear listening but, I can still hear them…when the wind blow’s.  They have a game where you find a  $1 bill with three “9’s” in the serial number.  That’s the number on the top and also on the bottom.

Shocking…I found one with three 9’s!  Now all I have to do is be the correct caller and I can win $100.

What I could do with one hundred dollars!  The craft store will be my first stop, then maybe some gas for the car, cooking supplies would be fun, some postage stamps to send my cards off to my friends, another book for college this semester, paint for that front door of mine, or maybe getting $10 bills and handing them out to strangers to see what they would do with them..that would be so much fun.

I haven’t even won the money and I already have it spent.  That was fun dreaming.  Never give up on your dreams 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dollar bill game on 99.9 KOLA

    • The phone line is always busy. I think they will do it all summer.
      Another station is doing a game called “what’s this sound?” The prize money is over $15,000, now that’s a prize.
      I’m not one to call in and give my thoughts on something they are talking about but, I will try for cash! What about you?


      • I don’t listen to radio enough to win anything but I do like to enter online sweeps. I don’t win very often but I keep telling myself I will. I sure hope you win both of those prizes. My fingers are crossed for you! Good luck!!!


      • I’m learning how to follow someone & then enter for their prize. I haven’t won yet but, if I do I will let you know.
        I sent a lady a card & she put’s all of her snail mail on her You Tube channel and I was the first card she showed! Talk about excited! Now I need to make one with critters/bugs for this month.

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