Do your taste buds change?

I have one of those know it all friends, we all have one.  She say’s that our taste buds change with age..really!  I decided to test this out.  Cottage Cheese is not my favorite thing to eat.  When I saw it with “peach” by Knudsen, I thought, why not try it.Picture1.29 3358Open the package and the taste buds started to scream…No, No, not that stuff!  As I swallowed the whole memory of why I didn’t like this white chunky stuff came back full force.  Picture1.29 3359A spoon full with peach did take away that taste of..I remember this to well.  My taste buds have not changed for cottage cheese.  Honestly, how does one enjoy this?  I know it’s good for you, control’s weight gain (maybe), takes away the hungry feeling (not so much) great to pack in a lunch bag (not mine).Picture1.29 3360If I had nothing else to eat, I would wait, then think about it and then eat it as fast as I could.

Knudsen, you have many other great, tasty food’s to choose from, I’m just saying this isn’t the one for me. 

To my know it all friend, you don’t know what your talking about, it still taste the same to me.

12 thoughts on “Do your taste buds change?

  1. my taste buds changed from when I was a child to when I became an adult . . . and also tastes changed during pregnancies. I used to have quite a sweet tooth, but now I’m more of a savoury person.


  2. Cottage cheese should be banned! Revolting stuff, partly because of its lumpy texture – yuk. I think your tastes change as you get older (ie, child into adult) but I’m not sure at my age that I will ever acquire a taste for olives or blue cheese 🙂


  3. I am in the middle ground here. I definitely think your taste buds change, but, let’s face it, there are some things we are probably never going to love. Every now and again I try an apple, just to see. I love the flavour but the texture makes me pull faces like a 4 year old kid! Not dignified! Same thing with tea. Yuk! Who wants to drink boiled leaves??


  4. I used to be very VERY picky about my veggies. Broccoli and Cauliflower I find revolting even to this day! Same with peas and carrots, but now I can only eat them in fried rice. I still can’t eat cooked spinach (vile vile stuff). I always go fresh with that one.

    I used to think coffee and tea was revolting, but it was an acquired taste. I still can’t do with out Earl Grey, Chai Lattes, and Mochas. The best way to start is Earl Grey, though, it’s mild sweetness and strong aromatic taste is enough to pull you in. Just don’t put any dairy in it.

    But I have to say despite the pooling liquid that cottage cheese has, I love the taste and texture.


    • My Mother use to put salad dressing on cottage cheese..gross!
      I love my tea! I’m not crazy about dairy in hot tea. I think Chai is a taste to get use too.
      I use to make meals for someone who didn’t eat any thing green, that was a challenge. I don’t think I’ve have spinach cooked in years but, I find it in salads and its not so bad with dressing.
      Thanks for stopping by, I could talk food for

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