Bunco Night…best loser goes to me

I started going to Bunco night three months ago.  It happen’s the second Friday of the month.  I was looking for something to do, find people in my city with maybe same interest, and learn to be without kids.  I didn’t mention it’s also at the Senior Center.  When I signed up, I asked the lady do I have to be a certain age?  She said, they wont’ card you.  Someone with a sense of humor I see.Picture1.29 3374For $10 you also get a meal.  Last nights meal was cold pizza and a green salad.  As I was eating I thought to myself, I eat this on a Saturday morning 🙂  I found myself with a different crowd this time.  Oh trust me, I can pick the spots nobody wants! It’s something I do well.  You are given this score sheet to count up your scores at the end of the night.  With every round you have a different partner.  Last night I had one lady every other table that we just couldn’t win at all. Another lady said, don’t worry, you might win for the most loses. Something to look forward too.Picture1.29 3370By 8:30 p.m. it was time to add up your “W” & “L”.  Guess who win’s?  Yes, I won a $10 gift card for being the best at losing!

They also have another game, you buy tickets for a 50/50 raffle.  I bought one and 7 numbers after mine won.

I signed up for next month, it will be on July 8.  My Mother’s birthday. It’s always fun to get out and see in a group of 32 people who gets along and who don’t.  You use that skill of trying not to laugh and avoiding the one who say’s the oddest things.  Or the one who ask’s way to many question about who I am and where I’m from. Or the one who will say..You look so familar, how do I know you.  Can I run now? haha

The older I get the more I just want to screem out the truth.  You know all that stuff that you have wanted to say but, can’t or won’t or you dont want your kids to give you “that look”.  I was good last night, I said nothing but, there were many times when the truth would have been fun to speak.

It’s Saturday night now, maybe I should just stay home and eat some yogurt. 🙂 I’m still taste testing things.  My taste buds are still the same from many years ago, nothing has changed.

3 thoughts on “Bunco Night…best loser goes to me

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Bunco but no one I know (locally) plays it. It sounds like a ton of fun. Congratulations on your win! (the gift card)


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