Kitchen planting

I have one good spot in my life to do everything at, that’s the kitchen counter.  Today, it was the spot to replant these fun little cactus plants.  After taking them out of their little black pots and putting them in another pot, I read the label that one of them will bloom yellow flowers in November. O.k. so, which one will that be?  I seem to read labels after, not before.Picture1.29 3375I decided that they needed their own home and not together like I have first thought.Picture1.29 3378The tallest one has grown a lot in the past few weeks.  So I thought it would be fun to put it somewhere to measure it’s growth.  Next to the power outlet with the lines from the counter top looked like a good photo spot.

I’m thinking about putting little stones to cover the dirt.  I have seen where people put things around plants to make them look like little towns, not going that far.

Maybe I will leave these in the kitchen to have something fun to look at.  Do you remember when I said I wanted to have that counter clean with nothing on it?  I know, I just can’t make up my mind.


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