Summer reading…let’s start here

I can’t find this book at the library, that must mean one’s good!  I found this paper back at the grocery store of all places.  Who buys books and food at the same time?  I guess I can say “Me” now.  It’s now out as a movie.  We know I won’t be going to see it, due to the simple fact that, I always fall asleep when the lights go out.Picture1.29 3403What are you reading this summer?

Silence….I get it, really I do.  It’s still a little soon to be thinking reading before Father’s Day.

It’s suppose to be hot this weekend here in Southern California.  I have a great chair outside that is calling my name, I guess summer starts this weekend for me.

How many books can I read in one summer?  Now that’s a big question!!


13 thoughts on “Summer reading…let’s start here

  1. I used to read every spare minute but I don’t much now. I am resolved to start reading again though because it is such a joy. And my commute to work is much longer now! Books are usually better than movies anyway. Let us know if it is worth reading.


  2. We must be on the same wavelength. I have a blog coming (as soon as I get time) about reading. I don’t think I’ve heard of that book. I do see books at the grocery store though, in fact in our area that’s about all there is anymore as I live about 45 minutes from a real book store.


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