Pot holder smiles

I always say that my kitchen hears the best stories, now it has a few new smiling pot holder too.  My 90 year old God Mother always sends me the best box of goodies at the end of June.  She is having a yard sale this weekend to thin out her house.  She sent these to me knowing I would use them!  My daughter Paige is with her for 7 long weeks, to keep her company.Picture1.29 3404When I found this box in my mail, I had no idea what would be in it.  I was on the phone with Paige as I open it up.  Paige wanted to hear my reaction.  Oh it was a laugh and a what the heck.

When was the last time you saw blue Tupperware?  I now how more containers to hide things in!!

I love the towels.  I love dish towels, I have them for every season, holiday and just from gifts.   A girl can’t have enough dish towels!

Let’s don’t count the days for the numbers to change on my life count.  I’m still not old enough to be a “senior citizen”.  Oh lucky me!  But I do need to find something to do special, unique or just odd to make it a day to remember.  Any good idea’s?

I’m not a bucket list type of person.  I do like a good challenge.  I don’t jump from anything, high or low.  Eating odd things is a no thanks.

If I could just brush that stray cat that I feed every day at my front door..now that would be amazing.


2 thoughts on “Pot holder smiles

  1. What a nice gift. Just the fact that someone is thinking about you to send something is pretty awesome. If you love dishtowels why not go dishtowel shopping for the prettiest or craziest you can find that da y.


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