Posting feelings

I live in California!  We are a different kind of people.  Some times I wonder where I fit in.  I was out with my red camera and stopped at a light, this caught my eye.  I usually read license plates or stickers.  This made me stop and think twice if I wanted to pass this car or keep my distance.  Who would put this on their car?  I didn’t see who was driving, maybe a good thing.  This must tell a real story for them.  Picture1.29 3353If you look to the right, you can see the school bus. I love the line of palm trees. I use to like this type of car, maybe not this car.

The things you see on a day out.  I wonder how many notes this car gets on its windshield from people?

My feelings…this person has a potty mouth and needs to go fight a different fire.

What drives you?


2 thoughts on “Posting feelings

  1. I would never put a sticker on my car. To me a $2 sticker on a $30k car just seems kind of stupid, but to each his own. The “*f your feelings” though I’m not bothered by. To me the F word is just another word. I know some people detest the word but it doesn’t bother me. When I see something like that on a sticker I think they sound like they are frustrated and just tired of all the being political stuff that has gotten this country into so much trouble. If I had seen the sticker I would have purposely sped up so I could have seen who was driving, because like it or not, I would have inserted my will onto them which is to pray for them. Those are my feelings, be all f*d that they are and all. Hahaha!


    • I feel the same way about stickers on cars. I had three kids in high school at the same time. All three were in sports and color guard. I was the only car that didn’t have a school pride sticker or anything to say all three where on honor roll. When I went to other schools to watch my kids play their sport, I was the only car that didn’t get egged or toilet papered or even worse. I wore the shirts with the school logo but, my car stayed When ever I was lost trying to find the freeway, I could always find a car with a “K” on it and I always found my way home..hahahha.

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