Happy Father’s Day

Got a little crafty to say Happy Father’s Day to my son.  He hasn’t worn a shirt with a collar in a very long time. I just thought this was a fun card, then I put on those chunky letters that look like they should be on his letter man jacket. That’s a jacket that you wear in high school to show off your sport.  He wore it proud and I still can’t believe I paid for it. I would have beat the garbage out of him if he had become a “Dad” then.  He forgot the talks we had all those years ago but, I guess I will let it slide now.Picture1.29 3409I made this red, white & blue card for my friends dad that I call “Daddy-O”.  He’s my baking partner and the man who is a naught mouth retired sailor.  He makes me turn bright red with some of the things he teases me about. But, it worth the time I spend with the whole family.  Picture1.29 3407I haven’t had a Dad since 1982.  It sounds like a long time ago but, it feels like it was just last month.  I was one of the lucky girls to be a “Daddy’s Girl”.  He waited 14 years to have a girl.  We did every thing together. I remember, while being a teenager, he said, we need to stop holding hands when we go out together.  I was crushed.  He tried to explain to me that the world is changing and people don’t understand our bond.  I know my friends also thought it was weird but, where were their dad’s?

Thank goodness the world is changing and Dad’s can hold their kids in public. 

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, I only wish I could find another man like you.


7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. These cards are great! I don’t have my dad any more either so days like today can be a bit rough. He was also a lovely man who enjoyed spending time with us – as you say, very different to most of my friends’ fathers. I guess we were both lucky to have them.


  2. Sounds like you had such a sweet relationship with your dad. I’m sure you miss him. Your cards are adorable and I am sure will be loved and appreciated.


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