First Day of Summer!


Welcome to a Southern California heat wave.  I knew it was warm, but when I went outside that’s when it hit me.  The next town to me has this nice neon marquee that gives great information. Now I know it’s really HOT!!!Picture1.29 3417Today on this date you will find yourself looking for a cool place to hang out and it won’t be out at the park.Picture1.29 3415Flex Alert showed up! How many people in this town turned off the air conditioner?Picture1.29 3418Listening to the news, it shouldn’t be this hot tomorrow.  We will find out in a few hour’s.  

What is the weather like in your neighborhood?

Happy start to a summer!


17 thoughts on “First Day of Summer!

      • Wow – I’m feeling the heat!! In fact a patch of blue sky has just appeared amongst the grey clouds – keep sending it over to Manchester and I’ll send you a few clouds to help you cool down.. ! x


      • Oops – sorry it’s 10 a.m. and I’ve got plenty of clouds to look at – unfortunately they are pretty well all rolled up into one so I can’t lie down and figure out the shapes- I’ll have to let you do the dreaming for me instead as you sleep – I’m sending you some ‘dreamy clouds’ instead. x


      • I really need them. I can’t sleep, I thought looking at blogs would help. I had a friend stop by today and we laughed so much I guess I will be awake all day 🙂 We didn’t even have a

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      • Hahaha – you can’t beat a good old belly laugh with a great friend! People have often thought I was ‘drunk’ when I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol (I’m not tee total but I usually end up as the ‘taxi’ service on a night out so am not a great drinker either) – who needs alcohol to let go and have a good old laugh – not me and not you by the sound of it! – fab x I hope you do manage to catch up with a few hours sleep though … Put the technology to good use – stick some earphones in and search youtube for a sleep meditation! “night night – don’t let the bed bugs bight”.. x


      • There are some fabulous ones – My tip is to choose one of the ‘long ones’ that goes on for several hours – there’s nothing worse than just starting to drift into sleep and then – sudden halt of the music and ‘bang’ wide awake again.. Enjoy your trip to the land of nod! xx Hey the cards sound fun xx


    • LOL I will have to look at that closer. The town of LaPalma is where I grew up. It has won the best city to live in for many years.It’s very small, so small that kids get tickets for crossing in the cross walk if the walk sign isn’t on. I ran for Miss LaPalma in 1982, I came in 3rd place..hahaha The high school parking lot has high end cars, those aren’t the teachers car’s! It’s a nice town but I’m happy to have moved out.

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  1. I keep finding myself confused that everyone’s talking about the start of summer. Isn’t it mid-summer when we have the longest day of the year? In Ireland we celebrate the start of summer on May 1st!


    • Our summer started yesterday. Here in California it’s usually gray. We call it June gloom. Yesterday wasn’t normal for here. August is our very hot month, it starts cooling off in September. I live close to the ocean so I usually have a nice breeze even when it’s hot. Living on the west coast is different then other states, others will tell you 🙂

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      • Well it’s usually grey here too – though we just call that the weather (people admire how green Ireland is but little do the realise how much rain is required to keep it that green!). June and July are our hottest months, though we had a good week and a half of sunny, blue skies and high temperatures at the start of this month and I suspect that’s all we’re getting of the idea summer weather!


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