Big Brother starts tonight

I am such a big fan of the t.v. show Big Brother!  It starts tonight, I can’t wait.  Three of my four kids also watch and we have all texted each other today to see who likes who already.

If you don’t know about this show..let me intro you into it slowly and then you will be hooked like me.  There are 14 people put into a house for the whole summer.  Every week one is voted out.  They have camera’s on them all day long and they do not leave this house or have calls from the outside world.  They play games to get food choices. Some, who lose games, get cold showers!

I love the fighting, game play and finding out who can get along with who!

I have been watching this show since the start..ok, 18 seasons now.

I am not one to have a show that I know everything about but, this show is one that I think is the funniest t.v. around.  I would love to be on it but, I have never tried because they always pick younger people.  I guess if I got bathing suit ready I would do it.

Sorry to my friends in other countries, you will miss out. But for my friends in the states, it starts tonight on CBS.

I have already watched the bio’s of these people and I like…Paul, his beard needs to go but, his personality reminds me of one of my sons…he will say whats on his mind without filter!  I like Michelle because in her interview she snorted..gotta love a good snort!

I will keep you posted on my Big Brother 18.


3 thoughts on “Big Brother starts tonight

  1. Hi – Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – check out my post for the rules etc. Please feel free to decline the nomination as I appreciate that it takes a while to complete – on the other hand it is quite fun to pull together.
    Enjoy the new BB series! x


    • Oh fun someone who understands my crazy show!
      I’m in a pool with ppl on FB. I have Corey Brooks, the cutie that coaches baseball and is from Texas. My wonderful son has Glenn.
      As you know the two of them battled it out and I won. I was really was hoping for Glenn, I always want my kids to win.
      There’s a few dollars to be won in the pool!


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