What’s your calling!

You know how 365 days pass and you make a wish on that one candle?  Or that person who sat next to you in a waiting room that asked you, “What’s Your Calling!”.  Today my calling was buying flowers at the local farmer’s market and making my “go-to” desk a work of art.Picture1.29 3433All this fun all for me.  I can’t tell you how much fun this was.  Pulling out glass ware to add these flowers too.Picture1.29 3424I love this color of these dark purple flowers.  Do I know the name of them?  Nope!  This yellow rose makes me smile.Picture1.29 3428This looks like something I would have done if I took a class.Picture1.29 3430Then I decided to put a few things together.  This little girl who grew up, made choices, and did it her way (not always the right way) has another candle to blow out today.Picture1.29 3436My daughter put this picture of us in the white frame and sent it to me.  Not my favorite picture, when did I get so old, when did the pounds show up and that smile looks like a lie.  Those secrets show in a photo badly.  But, this is who I am.  Someone having a birthday again.  My kids always remind me that June 26 is my day to do something fun. I guess because I always make their day fun, no matter the miles in between us.

This was fun, putting flowers together, my house smells so sweet.  I already made oatmeal cookies, breakfast is served.

What’s my calling?  I don’t know.  But, I have a lot of fun playing on this blog and laughing with all of you.  Do we have to have calling? I have a hard enough time getting my “To-Do” list done.

 Thanks for sharing my birthday with me.  I wish everyday was this much fun!

30 thoughts on “What’s your calling!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    What’s your calling? I bet you already know. Your calling is always something that you feel passionate about; your kids, hobbies, lifting up spirits, etc. I think if you sat and wrote down what you love you’d see it. Your calling doesn’t always have to be big or spectacular, just the things you love.


    • Thank you. I’m getting closer to being a senior citizen every day! I thought turning 20 was so much fun, not sure 50’s are all that amazing. I guess if I want something bad enough I will find a way to get it!


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