A Pocket Letter for Emma

My first pocket letter.  These are so popular in the snail mail/pen pal groups that I had to try and make one for my amazing friend Emma. You start out with a plastic baseball card holder and get into your crafting stash, figure out a theme and make it a work of art!

This is the front.  Each pocket gets a card.  I started with a purple theme and it quickly went in a whole different direction…as you can see.Picture1.29 3388This is the back.  This is where you put fun things for your friend to use on other projects.  Things that maybe they don’t have in their stash.  Or things that you love so much that you just have to share with them.  I love the anchor, those arrows are a must have, tags are always helpful. The bottom has clips, ribbons and dots.  The middle has a tea bag to enjoy and a letter from me.Picture1.29 3389I wanted the first card to say Hello.  I used pre-cut letters, and the year tag is something she can use on a journal book or a box.Picture1.29 3397Her name is “EMMA”. I had to personalize it somehow! The orange leaf is on the outside so she can reuse it on another project.Picture1.29 3396READ is the pocket I put my letter to her in.  Gotta love a gold bow!Picture1.29 3395ENJOY has a tea bag.  I really wanted to put candy in it but, I didn’t get one small enough..thinking ahead is something you must do with these pocket letters.  I think the more you do the better you must get!Picture1.29 3398This was the hardest pocket of all.  I just couldn’t get the twine to look good and then it was to wide to put in the pocket…the struggles in crafting!  🙂Picture1.29 3399This is everything I put into the envelope.  I know that she loves her planner so I found some things I hope she can use.  I don’t do planners so I was lost looking at these things.  I saw on here blog the things that she used so, I just picked what I thought was cute. I found a sheet of cute quotes so I added them and every girl needs a little Hershey’s chocolate in their life so I sent her a favorite one of mine!Picture1.29 3387I wrapped it up and add something that says so much..”So Lucky to Know You”.Picture1.29 3401I took it to the post office and I had to say what was inside and how much it was worth.  She lives in Ireland and I live in the States. I said to the mail lady, how do you put a price on friendship?  I said everything in here just came from my heart, I’m so lucky she writes to me and I have the best time making things to send to her.

I’ve been waiting for days to see if she got it.  She put it up on her Instagram, I don’t follow that so I didn’t know.  When she told me she got it, I was so excited.  Now I get to put it up here, my wait is over.  My first pocket letter completed and received!  

There are groups that send one of these to five friends a month.  I couldn’t do that.  I had so much fun gathering my favorite things, putting them in one pocket then taking it out and doing something else.  Saying to myself, no that’s not right, that’s to bulky, this should go here, maybe cut this out for that or stay with purple not the blue.  It was endless but, in the end I think it worked.  If you want to make a fun mess, try a pocket letter!

Thank You Emma for being a great friend in the mail!  Hugs!


23 thoughts on “A Pocket Letter for Emma

  1. And I’m lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you! I loved everything about the pocket letter and the extra goodies! I wasn’t very adventurous with how I decorated mine because it was my first one but I hope you like it. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get to you!


  2. You did just a great job on the pocket letter. I tried a couple. They are a lot of work and planning is definitely a part of the process. One thing that I learned…if you mail them out as a flat letter (rather than folded up accordion style) they are much cheaper on the postage. I hope that helps if you continue with the pocket letters!


    • Mailing them flat was what I was thinking after I had it all pretty. It was fun but, I don’t have another pen pal who is into them. So making one will be it for me. It’s amazing what a mess you can make pulling things out of boxes and filling 9 pockets with things you forgot you had!


      • Oooh! I never think about going there. I pick a topic and look under “tags” and read for an hour. I love peeking into others world and pick up idea’s. That’s how I found blogs. My kids say I’m being like the old lady next door..lol
        It’s fun to see what other do in their world. The things I learn…priceless.


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