3 Dollars and worth it

Have you seen them?  I guess they are only in California.  The Price is Right lottery tickets are here and when I’m in that liquor store the Fresa fruit bar needs to join in the fun!  My two favorite things.Picture1.29 3450The commercials are funny for this ticket.  You hear people calling out numbers just like the t.v. show.  It’s funny.  It caught my attention to go out and pay 2 dollars to scratch.Picture1.29 3453I found these fruit bars in a bright cooler at the counter one day.  I love the watermelon one. They have many different flavors, all fruit and a bite of yum-yum!Picture1.29 3449All in a days work here. Picture1.29 3454I didn’t win any money but, that fruit bar was so worth every bite.

I have this thing about walking into the liquor store to buy a Arizona drink and walk out with a lottery ticket and something from Mexico.

Here in California we have stores called liquor stores.  They aren’t your normal grocery store.  They are small, with alcohol on shelves or inside big refrigerators that have glass doors so you can see every thing.  They also have other drinks next to the beer.  Some have a bigger variety of drinks then others, it just depends on the store.  These store can also be at a gas station.  They also have lots of snack foods like chips, candy, sun flower seeds of all kinds.

This was something I rewarded myself with after having a job interview that didn’t seem to be something I will be hired for.  Oh well, I looked good, they asked me questions that I probably will never have to answer again ever in life.  As I walked out I wanted to say, but didn’t, “never judge a book by her cover”.  I am amazing in my own way, the last company saw that quickly and hired me, to bad they moved it all to Korea.

What was the something you did for “your” self after a hard day?


4 thoughts on “3 Dollars and worth it

  1. Hello!!.your story today is so cheery!!.I liked it. Anyway, in tune with you, I must confess..I last rewarded myself..with a walk to a close Convenience store: my treat is always a 3.oo small ice-cream drumbstick!!..( so delicious!!) . 🍧🍭.. Thank you for visiting my page to encourage me. Joanne

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    • I love drumsticks too!! They make them now with every heavenly flavor in this world but, I still love the true drumstick with good ol’ vanilla! Beyond delicious!!..lol
      I’m so glad I encouraged you. Life is fun when you have someone to give you that little push to “do it”!
      I have my days when I have lots to say but, not always things I want to blog about. If you want to start a subject to blog about for a week, lets do it. We can blog about our favorite convenience store finds!!
      Let me know, we can do this! 🙂

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