I’m so glad you’re my friend too

I have amazing friends in the mail. I know I shouldn’t brag but, look what I got in my mail box!  I saw this on her blog and was thinking..how could I copy it with the stamps I have and look now I get to enjoy it in my hands.Picture1.29 3461Friendships are the best medicine in the world.  Having a bad week and to get this amazing card to cheer me up, I’m so lucky.

Friendships are something I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about here lately.  I have also had some really good chats with my blogging friends about friendships. Like many of us, we pour out our true feelings in words.  I have been doing my share of the truth here lately.  I have started dropping some of my friends because I feel like they don’t want to see me change.  I have decided that success is the best revenge.  A hard line to understand but, I have never been that bad girl or rich one either!  I want to see if she is really in me.  I don’t mean go out and do a crime, just go do things that I have seen others do without regret. Yesterday, I went and applied for a job in a man’s world only shop.  I saw the looks, I felt their eyes and I felt like, “YES” I can do this.

I have been that shoulder to cry on, that good Mother who goes that extra mile without thinking, the care giver to everyone, the car that show’s up when no ones else will, the lunch bag giver, my list goes on and on.

I want to take that leap.  If I fall on my face, that’s ok, I will pick myself up because I’ve been doing that for a long time alone.  I don’t think this is pain, I think I just need to find new friendships. I have found them in the mail, now I want to find them out in this big world.  

Friendships..I have a really good one with food.  

When you think about your friendships, do you look at the many circles of friendships or do you look at the ones that have been around the longest or the ones that were founded because a group you joined?

I really dug into this subject.  Friendships, can we talk!  If we were sitting together, what would you say to this?  Have I fallen off track or am I going in the right direction?

Thank you Bonnie for a beautiful card, I’m so glad we are friends.


6 thoughts on “I’m so glad you’re my friend too

  1. Good for you. I think the older we get, the less we care about the opinion of others. As you say, not to do anything awful or wrong, but just to try new stuff, take a few risks and see what happens, without worrying what other people might think or say. What’s the worst that can happen?!


  2. I think ‘real’ friends are rare – they are the few (or for me just 2) who stick around when things are tough and give you the honest kick up the backside when you need a shove having listened to you moan and shed a few tears and then they are there when the smile reappears and you make each other ‘belly’ laugh! Rare indeed… I think other friends do come into your life as well and I love the relationships I’m building through blogging – somehow the communication in writing enables an honesty that would take much longer face to face.. I have a lovely blogging community now and am so glad you are part of it! x

    That card is lovely by the way.. x


    • It has taken me a while to see this. I really have great friends on my blog, we laugh a lot and that is the best part of my day!
      The friends around me don’t come visit my blog, that would be my doing, they all thought I was crazy for wanting it so, I just haven’t let them come see it. That might sound odd but, it was one of the first things I did to adventure out and find me. Some people call old friends baggage so, I guess you would say I didn’t bring along my old baggage!
      Tomorrow I go for a job interview at a company I have wanted to work at for a really long time. I really hope they hire me, looks like there are many others in this line, so fingers crossed.

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      • You’re right – sometimes it’s nice to tread a completely new and independent path and avoid any ‘negative’ comments from ‘old’ friends who don’t understand what you’re doing. I really hope you have a great interview and wish you every success with this job – VERY GOOD LUCK! I’ll keep my fingers crossed xx


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