Pocket letter from Emma

I got a pocket letter from my friend Emma today.  Come look and see what she sent me!Picture1.29 3464She really did a great job.  I started opening it up and realized I needed to take some pictures first.Picture1.29 3467I love making card with flowers, these will make some amazing cards.Picture1.29 3468I love the frames, I have a few ideas for these.Picture1.29 3469I need to put this one somewhere so I can read it every day to keep me going!Picture1.29 3470This is some fun washi tape and a beautiful flower to put in a photo album.Picture1.29 3471I love these wooden hearts.  This one needs to go into a journal to keep me going.Picture1.29 3473Look what she did here..wow!Picture1.29 3474I love tea and blueberry is a favorite.Picture1.29 3478Love this one a lot.  Explore and be!  I think I have been talking about this a lot lately! Picture1.29 3477Did I mention she writes the best letters.  Her paper is always amazing.  I really need to find some good paper to write letters on.  I find my self just using “to do” list paper.Picture1.29 3489She sent these cute cut outs.  Can’t wait to make something with these.Picture1.29 3483Here it is..what a happy pocket letter.Picture1.29 3481I have no reason to say I’m bored this summer.  I have all this fun sitting in front of me.

Pocket letter are so much fun.  I know she worked on this for hours!

Thanks Emma, you are so much fun to have in the mail!  The envelope was open when I got it, I hope nothing fell out.  I use to work at the post office, if you only knew what they do to our envelopes..scream!

It’s a happy Monday for me!


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