The Company I want to work for

Yesterday, I was so happy to go to a interview at Arrowhead Products.  I met with Manny, after showing my birth certificate and photo i.d.  I put on my old work shoes knowing I would be able to walk into the plant.  This is my dream job.  The company that I have been wanting to be a part of for so long.  This is my time to shine.

Walking into the plant I felt this happy feeling of, yes the part’s that I worked with in a past job.  The work bench that holds important parts that make an airplane work. The sound of tools and the people that make this company grow.  I saw machines that I have made part with many years ago.  I looked around thinking, this is the company I want to grow with.

He asked me a few questions and nerves took over.  I just wanted to scream at my self after realizing I had said safety was second.  I know the answer is “Safety First”.  My friends at my last job would be rolling on the floor laughing because I was always the one cleaning up and making safety the number one thing in that shop. Then on to blue prints.  I do know how to read them, it’s just been so long since I’ve had one in front of me…I wanted to kick myself.

I know I can pass the work in America, drug test will be another easy one and I haven’t had a ticket or been to jail “ever”.  Could they dig deeper into all the good I do for others, those quiet things I do that I don’t need a pat on the back for or a movie made from it.  They will probably see that I am challenging unemployment with a charge I didn’t do.  It is the biggest red flag of my life right now.  It will stick with me for life and my dream job will never happen.  My identity has been stolen again, I had a call from a bank two weeks ago that my loan had been approved.  What loan?  I don’t need a loan, I need a job.

Maybe they will call my last boss and find out the amount of hours I worked for him to get the job done.  How I pushed others to do their best every day.  That I am truthful and I don’t let you down. 

Arrowhead Products I am the right person for you Insulation Fabricator position.


5 thoughts on “The Company I want to work for

  1. Best of luck to you. If you don’t hear from them, give it about a week and call them. I got two jobs just by following up and letting them know how interested I was in being a part of their company.


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